Sofia Richie’s InstaBooty

6 years ago Lily Garner
Here is another daughter from a famous celebrity that does absolutely nothing, yet her Wikipedia calls her a fashion model. Now that is the biggest joke I’ve ever read. Sofia Richie may be cute and have a nice booty, but she is a solid 4 on the model scale. And trust me that is not a bad thing, I wo..

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Face Gets Squirted On

6 years ago Isabell Rose
I know what you fellas are thinking and if you’re thinking what I’m thinking then you should seriously get your head examined. You sick pervert. Clearly, Alessandra Ambrosio is cooling herself off and not being sexually suggestive in this photoshoot. She is a classy lady and should be treated as suc..

Taylor Hill Is Boringly Hot

6 years ago Talia Irvine
I don’t know too much about Taylor Hill other than she is a Victoria’s Secret model. Not one of my favorite, but she’s pretty. Maybe if she stepped up her Instagram and photoshoot game, she could get a spot in Little Tuna’s top 10, but until then I guess will have to do.

Elsa Hosk Topless Is Amazing

6 years ago Fiona Watkins
I don’t know how it is humanly possible to be as hot as Elsa Hosk. It just doesn’t make sense. I walk the streets everyday and not once have I spotted such a creature. And I live in a big city! Anyway, she probably some alien species we are not aware of. She could be very dangerous.

Victoria Justice Bikini Pictures!!!

6 years ago Danielle Murray
Victoria Justice is killing it now. It only took 7 years of me begging and pleading for her to show some skin and turn on the sexy and finally she is coming out with some good content. I think we have to owe it all to her sexy sister Madison. She must be coaching Vicky for the last few weeks. Keep u..

Canned Tuna

6 years ago Scarlett Newton
NBA Finals WAGs (TMZ) Scott Disick And Sofia Richie Are No Longer An Issue (DLISTED) Taylor Swift Chunky Hotness (TooFab) Victoria JusticeGoodness! (MoeJackson) Kaley Cuoco Shows Off Her Ultra Sexy/Fit Legs (Popoholic) Instagram Is Stripper Shaming (WWTDD) Pam Anderson Still Has A Juicy Pair (Ego..

Victoria Justice And Her Hot Sister Are A Dynamic Duo

6 years ago Danielle Murray
I think Victoria Justice and her sister Madison Grace are reading Tuna cause now they are inseparable and providing us some hot sister on sister action. OK, that’s a stretch, but my imagination has them doing naughty things to each other. I can’t help it, I have a twisted mind. » view all 13 photo..

Ariana Grande’s Only Real Talent

6 years ago Talia Irvine
Personally, I can’t stand Ariana Grande‘s voice. Like Christina Aguilera, girl is an over-singer. But unlike Xtina, she’s tiny and cute so that is good. Anyway, as you can see Ariana has good balance. Wonder how well she could balance on little Tuna. » view all 21 photos