Emily Ratajkowski Does Elle Magazine

9 months ago Fiona Watkins
I find it laughable that Elle Magazine put Emily Ratajkowski on their cover. She is by no means a fashion model. She is a Playboy looking chick who got lucky because she was in a popular music video. Also, this is a complete fail considering there is way too much clothing. Emily needs to be topless ..

Victoria Justice And Her Hot Friends In Swimsuits

9 months ago Isabell Rose
If I ever get stranded alone on an island with a bunch of hot girls this is what I imagine. Here are more photos of Victoria Justice and her friends modernizing my Baywatch dream fantasy. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Rita Ora Belongs In A Bikini

9 months ago Scarlett Newton
Rihanna’s hotter and younger doppelganger is back in a bikini and looking better than ever. Here is Rita Ora doing what she does best and that is teasing little Tuna. I still have no idea what song she sings or even if she ever had a hit, but her looks are #1 on my charts, so that is good enough. Wh..

Kara Del Toro’s Booty Is Glorious

9 months ago Lily Garner
Here is InstaModel Kara Del Toro displaying her fine booty. It takes a lot of hard “work” and good genetics to get a booty like that and I commend both Kara’s parents and her lack of probably ever having to work a real job for that. Anyway, take your time and enjoy the photo spread. This is top notc..

Canned Tuna

9 months ago Isabell Rose
Bella Hadid Working Hard (TMZ) Janet Jackson’s Recent Custody Drama Might Have Started Over A WiFi Fight (DLISTED) The Hottest Looks At The CFDAs (TooFab) Amber Heard Shows Off Her Cute Little Booty In A Skimpy Swimsuit (Popoholic) More Jessica Simpson Boobies (MoeJackson) Have You Gotten On Your..

Alexis Ren’s Booty Will Cause A Pantfire

10 months ago Scarlett Newton
Alexis Ren‘s booty is perfect and she knows it. Some may think she is too skinny and her booty is too small, but there is one thing I can’t stand is a chick standing next to me whose a$$ is larger than mine. I don’t want any part of that and that pretty much eliminates every single fitness girl. So ..

Emily Ratajkowski’s Handbra Fashion Trend

10 months ago Fiona Watkins
Emily Ratajkowski is back and showing us that the hand bra is the newest and latest fashion trend. I can’t wait until it catches on here. Why spend money on a bra when clearly your hands are way more supportive and they don’t cost money? It’s brilliant.

Bella Thorne’s Tongue Art

10 months ago Fiona Watkins
So as you know, Bella Thorne is probably one of the more classier InstaCelebs, or whatever she pretends to be. And if you think I’m serious, you’re on the wrong website. However, she is the most fun and any time she does the “Miley Cyrus Tongue Tease”, I will post it. She has perfected it in a way t..

Ariana Grande Is A Cutie In Vogue

10 months ago Lily Garner
I was looking at some older pictures of Ariana Grande and she should thank God or whoever for creating such a cutie because she looked nothing like this in her younger years. Now I am not saying that she definitely had work done, but there is a massive difference in appearance. Only way we will know..