They Dated Who?! Musicians’ Unexpected Love Interests

While it’s not uncommon for our favorite artists to collaborate with another artist on various projects, sometimes the strangest relationships often occur that have us doing a double take. While the old saying is, “opposites attract,” sometimes things can get a bit weird while other times, as peculiar as it sounds, it may actually work out. We did some digging to find out the most unexpected couples in music and even we were quite surprised at what we found, specifically a former boy-bander with a certain tough girl with pink hair, or a 90’s alternative rocker with a 90’s pop princess? The possibilities, we’ve learned, are endless.

Chris Martin + Jennifer Lawrence

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Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty; Barry King/FilmMagic

After Coldplay’s Chris Martin’s heart wrenching divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow, we were quite surprised to see him out and about with The Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence. The on-again-off-again couple were linked together for about a year but due to Martin needing time to spend with his family while working with his busy work schedule, their romance was short-lived.

Sources say age differences may have played a part, and that Lawrence was tired of him being so noncommittal, but never say never for a possible reunion in the future.


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