The Sunkening: Kanye Got RE-DRAGGED To The Ashy Antebellum Abyss Over Despicable Slavery Comments

Tell Harriet that she chose to be a slave @kanyewest

— HBeyCU thot (@BasicBitching) May 1, 2018

Twitter Vs. Krazy Koonye, Pt. 9769575695

Here we are YET AGAIN staring at Kanye with the most judgmental eyes ever after he claimed slavery is a CHOICE (NO, SERIOUSLY) in quite possibly the most psychotic moment of the last several psychotic moments that sent the whole entire internet spiraling into the ashy abyss.


— tony (@gawdcompIexx) May 1, 2018

Peep the must-see reactions to Kanye’s latest sunken shenanigans on the flip.

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