Teen Mom 2 Text: Was Nathan Being Sincere When He Messaged Jenelle?

Nathan seemed to be getting along well with Barbara after their cordial exchange at the Teen Mom 2 reunion, but unfortunately, his co-parenting relationship with Babs’s daughter Jenelle wasn't making any strides.

Things escalated between the exes yet again on tonight's episode when Nathan sent Jenelle a lengthy text inquiring about her marriage (and saying he only wants the best for their son Kaiser) after he’d read a tabloid report that she and David were splitting up.

“You don't know s*it about Kaiser,” Jenelle said, rereading the text to pal Jamie. “You don’t ask about Kaiser, but you ask me if I’m broken up with David?”

When the message irritated David (who saw it as Nathan trying to get back with his wife), the couple sent his mom Kathy to do Kaiser’s drop-off with Nathan. But this only made the situation worse.

“First of all, the drop-off is supposed to be between me and Jenelle,” an angry Nathan told Kathy. “I’m trying to be nice…I wrote Jenelle and David. I say, ‘I wish you two the best of luck.’ Your son writes back to me, ‘Never text my wife some bulls*it like that again, fag boy. If you got a question you can ask me. Worry about your own f*cked up self.’”

When Kathy said she wanted nothing to do with the argument, Nathan mumbled under his breath that her son and his wife “need to get off drugs” — then returned to the car (and girlfriend Ashley) to complain about how “unprofessional” the drop-offs have gotten.

Meanwhile, back at the Evans/Eason household, Kathy told her son and daughter-in-law about the encounter, and David threatened to “break [Nathan’s] f*cking face” should he see him again.

But was Nathan’s text out of genuine concern for Jenelle and David, or was he being insincere in reaching out? Will Nathan and Jenelle ever be able to co-parent peacefully, or has this exchange just made it worse? Sound off, and keep watching Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9/8c.

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