Southern Charm New Orleans’ Reagan And Jeff Charleston Announce Separation The Day After Season One Finale Airs

Southern Charm New Orleans’ Reagan And Jeff Charleston Announce Separation The Day After Season One Finale Airs

Well knock me over with a feather! I wasn’t expecting to hear this news…so soon after the finale, at least! With Southern Charm New Orleans’ inaugural season officially on the books, one couple has seen the writing on the wall as far as their union is concerned—or at least the wife is. Chalk it up as another win for that dreaded reality television marriage curse!

The relationship struggles of Reagan and Jeff Charleston were well documented by Bravo. Whether it was Reagan getting her own French Quarter crash pad an hour from her marital home or Jeff confronting his own issues through counseling, the pair went through a lot in the short season.

Jeff and Reagan were married in 2012 after meeting at an NFL after-party in 2009. Speaking exclusively to People, the jewelry designer/law school student shares news of the split. Okay, so I’m not shocked to hear that these two are taking a break (Reagan tried her best to get away from Jeff all season while expressing concern over him developing a brain injury from his football playing days). However, I’m surprised that People was able to scoop Bravo on the news. Surely that has to be some kind of violation of her contract, right? I digress. She studied transactional law.

Reagan tells the site, “Jeff and I have decided to separate and are devoting time to re-establishing a great friendship while focusing on personal growth apart,” adding, “We are looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for us.” However, a source claims they have no plans as of yet to file for divorce.

This is a sad turn of events. I realize we don’t know what happens behind closed doors (mainly because they put their lives in front of the camera!), but Jeff seemed to absolutely adore Reagan while she seemed to already have one foot out the door of her marriage. Hopefully the demise of their union won’t be featured on a second season (if there is one). Wait, who am I kidding? This is Bravo! Of course, it will be the main story line!


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