Should Young And Pregnant‘s Brianna Relocate With Her Mom Or Stay With Her (Very New) Boyfriend?

Brianna has already lived in Wisconsin and Chicago during her son Braeson’s short life. Is the next stop… Oregon?

On tonight's Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Brianna's mom Jessica dropped a bombshell: She told her 17-year-old and Bri's sister Vanessa that she will be moving out west at the end of their lease. Jessica's reason: She wanted to be closer to her parents and extended family.

Jessica didn’t leave the girls high and dry, though, giving them the option to stay back home or relocate with her. Vanessa, for one, seemed pretty adamant about staying since she has a job and a steady boyfriend.

And while it would've made sense for Bri, shortly after her difficult split from Danae, to start over with her infant son in a new city, she said she had to take Robert, her very new beau, into consideration before making any big decisions.

“It’s not just up to me anymore,” the new mom told her mother and sister. “That’s why I said I’ll think about it.”

Earlier in the episode, Brianna admitted she and her new love interest — whom she met at work — were spending practically every day (and night) together, and, as a disapproving Vanessa reminded her, said "I love you" after barely a few weeks.

So is it too soon for the young mom to be factoring Robert into such a big life decision? Should she move with her mom where she’ll have a great support system, or stay in town for a new relationship that may or may not last? Share your thoughts, and tune into the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant finale Monday at 10/9c.

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