Prince Harry & Meghan signed a two-year lease on that Cotswolds rental

5 years ago Fiona Watkins
Just days before the Royal Wedding, we learned that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had spent their last premarital weekend in the Cotswolds in England. The Sun reported that they were renting a pretty little cottage temporarily, and they had a lot of security precautions taken. I said, at the time, ..

L&S: Halle Berry & Keanu Reeves have been quietly dating for a few months?

5 years ago Talia Irvine
Halle Berry signed on for John Wick 3 a few months back. Considering I haven’t seen all of John Wick or John Wick 2, I have nothing to say about the casting choices or the plot. I would assume that everyone knows what they’re doing and judging solely from these set photos, Halle seemed to get along ..