No, Doctors Say It’s Not Safe to Mix Aspirin and Ibuprofen

6 years ago Fiona Watkins
When it comes to painkillers, prescription drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin, and Percocet strike fear into my heart due to the high risk of addiction. Admittedly, I've been far less concerned with the potential dangers of over-the-counter pain relievers, whether it's popping one more aspirin than the recommended dose when my cramps are unbearable or adding another med like ibuprofen when it feels like aspirin alone isn't doing the trick. In 2006, the Food and Drug Administration released a report cautioning against taking aspirin and ibuprofen (found in Advil and Motrin) together due to the risk of excessive bleeding. Over 10 years later, I'm sure I'm not the only one still mixing the two pain relievers. We spoke to doctors about the safety risks of taking these two medications at the same time, alternative ways to treat pain if one medication isn't sufficient on its own, and whether there are any instances when it's safe to make an exception. What A..

18 Insanely Easy Microwave Mug Desserts

6 years ago Isabell Rose
18 Insanely Easy Microwave Mug Desserts When you have a sweet tooth but don't feel like bothering with all the ingredients for a baking project, these microwave mug desserts are exactly what you need. It doesn't get much easier than mixing ingredients in a mug and having a finished sweet treat a few minutes later, and thankfully, these recipes actually work. From chocolate and peanut butter cake to berry cobbler and even a tasty pumpkin pie (yes, really!), there's sure to be a microwave dessert that's calling your name. You definitely don't have to be a pastry pro to master any of these foolproof concoctions. Related: 20 Fast and Easy Baking Recipes You Can't Screw Up

Skip the Gas Station Junk and Pack 1 of These Road Trip Snacks Instead

6 years ago Lily Garner
Skip the Gas Station Junk and Pack 1 of These Road Trip Snacks Instead If hopping on a plane to an exotic destination isn't in the cards for you, fret not. Road trips (especially to America's top food cities and other culinary destinations, like food festivals) can be just as fun. Even if you can't afford to take a massive vacation, you can still enjoy peak travel season by getting in a car and driving somewhere fun. But as the old adage goes, sometimes the journey is the destination, so if you've ultimately got your sights set on good eats, then don't overlook the ever-important car snacks. Here are a few nibbles that are just as appetizing as they are portable and transport-resistant. — Additional reporting by Nicole Perry Related: 20 Homemade Snacks to Ward Off Between-Meal Hunger

If Your Kids Are Fans of Slime, Here’s How to (Inevitably) Remove It From Their Clothes

6 years ago Scarlett Newton
Making slime is an endlessly entertaining activity for kids and a perfect way to keep them busy during the Summer. But what happens when their afternoon fun becomes an impending laundry disaster? Well, it might seem like the DIY craft would require some serious effort to remove from clothes, but luckily it's easier than we thought! Ahead, find a couple of tips and tricks for getting rid of slime stains quickly and efficiently. Grab an Ice Cube Getting rid of slime can be as easy as opening your freezer. No, really! According to Dr. Laundry, you should first scrape the slime off of clothing and then freeze any remaining gooey globs with an ice cube. Once the slime is frozen, scrape away as much as possible (without forcing the fabric) before pretreating it with liquid laundry detergent and letting it sit for 10 minutes. Then, place the clothing item in a large plastic container filled with two gallons of hot water. The fabric should soak for 30 minutes and then be placed in the ..

This Supersexy Cardi B Dance Routine Will Have You Screaming “I Like It Like THAT!”

6 years ago Isabell Rose
Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy album is pretty much one banger after another, but the Bad Bunny and J Balvin-assisted "I Like It" is the clear winner for Cardi's song of the Summer. Choreographer Kyle Hanagami shared a video of his routine for the song, and let's just say, these moves will have you twerking in your chair. Slam the play button now, then check out Kyle's iconic choreo for the Ed Sheeran hit "Shape of You."

15 Things Never to Say to a Woman Going Through IVF

6 years ago Talia Irvine
Last year, I endured IVF. I say "endured" because "went through" isn't quite a strong enough way to describe the isolating, painful, and emotionally grueling experience that is IVF. Women endure IVF for different reasons; maybe they struggle with infertility, maybe they've been crushed by loss, or maybe they require genetic testing before getting pregnant. No matter why a woman finds herself walking down that path, it's a physically and spiritually trying time when friends and family need to be extra sensitive about what they say. I heard my fair share of comments that made me cry, doubt myself, and feel even more alone and scared during my IVF cycle. Here are 15 things I'd caution people to avoid saying to a woman who is doing her best to hold it together during IVF. 44754975 "It'll work out." You don't know that! And chances are, if I'm trying IVF, things haven't worked out up until now. So kindly excuse my skepticism. Telling a story abou..

If Your Period Is the F*cking Worst, at Least These Memes Will Make You Feel Better

6 years ago Talia Irvine
If Your Period Is the F*cking Worst, at Least These Memes Will Make You Feel Better Periods, amiright?! From crippling cramps to moodiness, sobbing at diaper commercials, wanting to punch everyone in the frickin' face, and wanting to eat ALL THE CHOCOLATE, if your period makes you feel like a completely different person, you're not alone. It sucks. But these will make you feel better. Related: Crush Those Cramps With These 5 Yoga Poses

Tried and Tested: The Best Laundry Detergent For Your Fitness Gear

6 years ago Talia Irvine
Tried and Tested: The Best Laundry Detergent For Your Fitness Gear When I work out, I sweat — a lot — and this happens at just about every workout you can think of. It's not unusual for me to walk out of a Pilates class looking like I just completed 60 minutes of Spin. And sadly, my sweat does not smell like roses. It's gross, but it's my reality. Related: The Cheat Sheet to Washing Your Workout Clothes the Right Way Long-Sleeved Tees For Cool Fall Runs and Workouts While regular detergent might work on a pair of jeans, this does not hold true to my soaked-in-sweat workout gear. Before discovering detergent that actually got the funk out of my sports bras, capris, and tanks, it wasn't unusual for me to do an entire load of my favorite fitness items, just to find offensive odors still lingering once everything was dry. After playing around with plenty of DIY solutions and testing every detergent I could get my hands on, I've found three solid choices that ..

If You Only Have 10 Minutes to Work Out Today, Do This 4-Move Workout

6 years ago Isabell Rose
If You Only Have 10 Minutes to Work Out Today, Do This 4-Move Workout If you love a good booty burn, you're going to be all over this 10-minute butt workout. You better get some quarters ready because your butt is going to be so fricking firm! The Moves: Squat thrust Squat with overhead reach Alternating forward lunge (one on each side counts as one rep) Sumo squat jump The Workout: Set the timer for 10 minutes and begin this up-ladder-style workout by doing three reps of each exercise, then six reps, then nine reps, then 12 reps, and so on until the 10 minutes are up. Related: This 10-to-1 Bodyweight Workout Takes Just 4 Minutes