Rita Ora Makes Out With Cardi B in Sizzling ‘Girls’ Music Video

Rita Ora Makes Out With Cardi B in Sizzling 'Girls' Music VideoRita Ora Makes Out With Cardi B in Sizzling 'Girls' Music Video

The dream we didn't even know we had just came true.

Rita Ora and Cardi B just locked lips — and they appeared to like it.

In the sizzling new music video for Ora's sexual summer anthem "Girls," she and and the mommy-to-be make out in a steamy scene surrounded by — yes — more girls.

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In both the opening and closing scenes of the video, a fresh-faced Ora is dressed in lace, hanging out in the forest with a bunch of other young women.

Dressed in a fierce white blazer and skin-colored bralette, Charli XCX makes her cameo, singing seductively while frolicking through the forest at night with other girls.

Cue Bebe Rexha, who's also featured on the track, wearing a bright red jumpsuit and bedazzled barrette. Sporting giant diamonds around her neck and on her fingers, Bebe leans in for a kiss — with herself — on a giant mirrored wall.

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Then comes the grand finale — our girl crushes mackin' on each other. At first, Cardi appears as nothing more than a hologram, teasing Ora's desires to "drink red wine" and "kiss girls." But then, Ora joins her in her red-clad fantasy land, and they share a passionate smooch.

Enjoy it all in the video below.

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