Melania Trump has been missing for 25 days, but plans to do a WH event today

Donald Trump speaks at US Air Force Base Yokota

Today will mark the 25th day since we’ve seen Melania Trump in public. A handful of people swear up and down that Melania returned to the White House after staying at Walter Reed for six days, and they swear she’s been around the WH ever since. Other people theorize that she’s in New York, or maybe Florida, or maybe in some undisclosed location, possibly healing from plastic surgery. Melania made sure not to go to Camp David this past weekend with her husband and the Family Bigly, possibly because she knew it was going to be a trainwreck. But interestingly enough, Ol’ Mel is planning on attending a White House ceremony today?

First lady Melania Trump will return to the public eye Monday, co-hosting an event with President Donald Trump for Gold Star families. The first lady’s appearance at the 5:30 p.m. reception will be her first in an official event since she joined President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and second lady Karen Pence in greeting three Americans formerly imprisoned in North Korea in the early morning hours of May 10. Four days later, it was announced that she was hospitalized at Walter Reed Medical Center to treat a “benign kidney condition.” She was released from the hospital five days later.

[From Politico]

A ceremony for Gold Star families? I’m guessing the Khans won’t be invited. I’m also guessing Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt La David Johnson, won’t be invited after the White House publicly shamed her for telling the press that Trump didn’t even know her husband’s name. Sorry, this was supposed to be about Melania. It will be interesting to see if she turns up! Because her office also announced yesterday that Melania will NOT be traveling overseas with Trump during his upcoming trips:

First lady Melania Trump will not be joining President Donald Trump on his upcoming trips to the G7 summit in Quebec and the highly anticipated summit between the United States and North Korea in Singapore, her spokeswoman told ABC News.

[From ABC News]

While I never thought the Trumps had a good marriage by any stretch of the imagination, this just shows that Melania really wants no part of this family anymore. Be Best, Mel. And find a way to escape to Robert Mueller’s office with a suitcase full of evidence.

Donald Trump speaks at US Air Force Base Yokota

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President Donald Trump attends Billy Graham Lying in Honor Ceremony at the US Capitol
Donald Trump speaks at US Air Force Base Yokota
Donald Trump speaks at US Air Force Base Yokota

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