Madison Beer Short Shorts and Ass Cheeks in Los Angeles

Madison Beer really needs to turn down the sexy a little bit. It is all just a little bit too much.

First off, the shorts. Do they have to be so short? Couldn’t she have left a couple more inches on the legs? They would still have been hot, they just wouldn’t be the eye melting level of hotness that they currently are. Here is a tip, if you could not get away with wearing an article of clothing at school, then you should not wear it ever. That was something my dad taught me. I thought it was odd that he felt the need to emphasize that he was referencing my Daisy Duke’s, but whatever, it is still good advice.

Secondly, why the black shirt? She knew how sexy we all would find that shirt, and yet she wore it anyway in an uncivil act of disobedience. I don’t know where she got this rebellious streak from, but it definitely was not from me. It must be her mother. She was always a bit if a hellcat.

And lastly, the backpack. Damn you, Madison. You even managed to make those hideous little backpacks sexy. I won’t forget this anytime soon.

Photo Credit: Backgrid

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