Jesus Take The Wheel: Mother Snuffs Teacher After Finding 1-Year-Old’s Face Completely Mangled At Daycare

Police Investigate Who Abused 1-Year-Old Boy At Indy Day Care

Police are currently investigating an Indiana daycare after a 1-year-old child face multiple liaisons to the face, leaving his mouth swollen. His mother flipped out and punched a teacher who tried to accuse another child for the injuries. She was not buy ing it at all.

According to a local news station, Tiffany Griffin says she could hear her baby boy screaming when she arrived to the Kiddiegarden day care in Indianapolis Monday afternoon. She says she got a call from the day care a few hours after she dropped off baby Jesse and her older son. The mother admits to punching the 22-year-old day care worker out of anger and now the police report lists that worker as the suspect.

“Now I gotta be a stay at home mom and not do the thing I want to do to advance in life to give them the best in order to make sure they’re taken care of and not neglected,” said mother Tiffany Griffin.

SMH, you can see her baby’s face in the video below, too sad.

We’ll be following up with this story as the investigation continues. Something doesn’t seem right here, at all.

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