Is Rekindling an Old Flame Starting a Bigger Fire?

Is Rekindling an Old Flame Starting a Bigger Fire?

Leigh Baker


| 4.9.18 | 6:12 pm

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CREDIT: CREDIT: Instagram @mikutas

CREDIT: Instagram @ mikutas

Let’s face it, we all have had those daydreams of that first love running back to into our arms expressing our forever affection for one another. Studies show that a quarter of men reminisce and have hopes of getting back together with an old flame. And it’s not just men, women frequent memories on previous relationships as well; yet, women are less likely to react on those emotions.

Social media makes it all too easy to stalk former lovers from the past, allowing us to compare present relationship to “what could have been but we were both playing”. So why do we do this to ourselves? It may be because we miss the person we were back in the day, the crazy adventures of our youth, or when times were better than the reality that hits us today.

CREDIT: Instagram @ mikutas

Psychologists say many trigger memories and thoughts from the past when individuals are not entirely happy in their current relationship. It’s human nature to compare current relationships with previous ones. Any relationship has challenges in itself, but we seem to have the tendency of blocking out the not so great moments from the past and keep a file of the brighter ones to reference when it comes to love.

That small voice in the head may be screaming “Don’t do it!”, when scrolling to that one unforgettable name in your phone, but sometimes liquid confidence gets the best of us. Queue all the drunk texts and calls 1am in the morning.

CREDIT: Instagram @ mikutas

In all realness, in most cases of the time there’s a number of legitimate reasons why it didn’t work out for two people before. History may repeat itself and may shine more light on all the things you couldn’t stand being with that person. But hey, every relationship is unique and doesn’t come with a rule book!

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