Inspiring Women Who Shaped Feminism Throughout Modern History

As a woman, is there anything better than knowing there are a ton of inspiring feminists who are shaping our culture for the better? While feminism doesn’t always get a good rep due to all of the misinformation out there, these women are breaking boundaries, creating their own rules, and showing the world that equality is the mission. By erasing the status-quo, these inspiring women of diverse backgrounds are fearlessly bending all the rules while making a positive impact on our future for generations to come. It takes passion, grit, and the confidence to make a difference, and these women have all of those things.

Emma Watson Wants Everyone to Fight For Women’s Rights

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The lovely Emma Watson is one of her generation’s newest and brightest voices of feminism today. The actress captured attention with her riveting speech in front of the United Nations that launched a new initiative for gender equality. Watson’s work is a reminder that feminism isn’t just a fight for women, making it known that men can do their essential part too.

In part of her efforts, Watson also launched a feminist book club along with the #HeSheMovement and continues to push boundaries wherever she goes.


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