For The Kids: Tara Wallace Puts Dirty Feet Pete Beef Aside With Amina To Promo Her Album

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Tara And Amina Put Their Beef Aside

It seems like all is well in the world of the Wallace-Pankey’s. Tara put her mature foot forward to help Amina promote her new album “Mother” today.

Previously, the two battled bitterly over Peter Gunz. Peter had left Tara with two kids to secretly marry Amina, and knock her up. It didn’t stop there. Married Peter came back and had a baby with Tara and not to be outdone — Amina sealed the deal with another baby while they were separated.

Amina filed for divorce from Peter back in January. Seems like she’s been putting her career first.

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Tara posted this hilarious remix of Amina’s album cover to her won IG page, sending folks in a frenzy. Hilarious.

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Peter, for the kids, all showed his support for Amina.

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They all seem single and happy. Good for them!

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