Did Casper Eliminate The Right Teams On Champs vs. Stars?

Casper Smart and Louise Hazel, two standout Challenge Stars, must be big fans of Real Housewives cast member Lisa Vanderpump — after being thrown to the wolves, they have indeed, returned, leading the pack.

On tonight’s Champs vs. Stars episode, the only remaining two-man team featuring two Stars faced an uphill battle, and Shane, the game’s reigning MVP, eagerly awaited the chance to use his Power Play against Casper and Louise.

“All of my cards are on the table at this point,” Shane said, doubling down on the fact that the Champs were all in on eliminating the exceedingly athletic duo. “They know that I’m against them so I have to make sure that we win the [next] challenge.”

But Casper and Louise weren’t going down without a fight.

In “Spot On,” teams were challenged to play a larger-than-life game of Twister, but instead of aiming for spots on the ground with their hands and feet, they were suspended above water, and colors corresponded to pegs on a pair of climbing walls. The task proved to be a particular trial for Casper and Louise, as Shane’s Power Play meant that they’d have fewer pegs to use than each other team to keep themselves upright.

Still, as the game went on, Team White hung tough, and proved they were perhaps the game’s most resilient duo. While the other teams held a significant advantage, Kailah and Drake, Lil Mama and Tori and Shane and Brooke were the first three teams eliminated, and after a fight to the finish, Casper and Louise proved to be the game’s unlikely victors.

And as a part of Casper’s MVP distinction, host Mike “The Miz” Mizanin told the pro dancer that he’d earned a Power Play of nuclear proportions — he had to eliminate two out of the bottom three teams. Tori and Lil Mama pleaded with Casper to keep them around — insisting that it’d be smart to spare the “layup team” — while Kailah seemed sure she and Drake, the biggest threat to Casper and Louise, would likely be sent home.

When everything was said and done, Casper chose to bring down the guillotine on Brooke and Shane and Lil Mama and Tori, leaving Drake — Casper’s Team Blue partner-in-crime — and Kailah in the game.

More, Casper and Louise found themselves at the top of the leaderboard for the first time as the game’s new king and queen.

“They’ve been saying we’ve been running the game, but this is the first time Louise and I have been at the top,” Casper said.

But were Casper’s choices smart? As Tori pointed out, keeping a smaller team around might have been a smart move for Casper and Louise in the event they find themselves in another elimination game. And Kailah and Drake may prove to be tougher competition than the alternatives.

What do you think — did Casper eliminate the right teams, or should he have spared Lil Mama and Tori or Shane and Brooke instead? Share your thoughts, and see if he and Louise have what it takes to keep battling when the Champs vs. Stars returns Tuesday night!

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