Bill Clinton was asked about Monica Lewinsky & #MeToo, it did not go well

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I think it’s perfectly acceptable to hold these two thoughts at the same time:

Thought #1: The GOP/Deplorable party is super-eager to go full throttle Whataboutism with Bill Clinton because attacking the Clintons is a throwback to their deplorable glory days in the ‘90s, when the current GOP machinery really came together. It still pisses them off that Bill Clinton got two terms and left office wildly popular, and that he’s continued to be popular throughout his ex-president years. The GOP knows that any time they mention Bill and/or Hillary Clinton, they’re stirring up their base. The rest of us should stop constantly relitigating all of this old bullsh-t and stop falling into these dumb traps set by the GOP.

Thought #2: 2018 is a new era in how we talk about sexual harassment and abuse and trauma given the #MeToo movement. No one is safe, especially not powerful men who behaved poorly towards women for years, and yes, that includes Bill Clinton. There’s a way to differentiate between “men who cheat and fool around” and “men who hurt women,” and it’s a worthwhile exercise to simply ask where Bill Clinton falls.

So given those two thoughts, please hate-watch this short video from the Today Show, which aired this morning:

This was… not good from Bill Clinton. Also, why is HE still bound and determined to relitigate this sh-t? Obviously, he wasn’t expecting the question and he seems rusty AF when scrambling to justify everything. Personally, I thought Monica Lewinsky’s “did my story belong in the #MeToo movement?” essay was kind of bulls–t. She was an adult, she made a series of choices, and she was victimized… by Ken Starr. Bill Clinton should have known better, just like he should have f–king known better than to cite his credentials in working with women as some sort of shield to deflect criticism. Oh, he put women in positions of power throughout his career? That’s awesome, but it also doesn’t mean that he hasn’t abused women. It’s like a more high-minded version of “…but I have a daughter!”

Hey, remember how the current president has been accused of sexually harassing and assaulting more than 16 women? Remember how he bragged about grabbing women by the p-ssy? Remember? WHY ARE WE RELITIGATING BILL CLINTON?

Bill Clinton Leaving The Merrion Hotel

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Bill Clinton Leaving The Merrion Hotel
Town and Country Philanthropy Summit

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