Apollo Nida’s Fiance Sherien Amulfti Will Appear On ‘Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta’

Apollo Nida's Fiance Sherien On Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Is Apollo Nida planning waaaay ahead for his wedding to Sherien Almufti, or is dude pretending he’s getting out of prison sometime soon? Because Sherien recently revealed that she’ll be making an appearance on this season’s Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta. Let’s just hope she has a very good storage bag for that wedding gown…

Apollo is 3.5 years into an 8 year prison sentence for fraud, and one year out of his marriage to Phaedra Parks, but Apollo was dating (and engaged with a paper towel-made ring to) Sherien long before he and Phaedra made things official. Last season Sherien even made an appearance on Real Housewives Of Atlanta when she showed up to the soft opening of Kandi’s Old Lady Gang restaurant.

Sherien certainly used Phaedra and Apollo to get her foot in the reality TV door, and no doubt that foot is now clad in Louboutins! While the above party is done with RHOA, Sherien will be one of the hopeful brides featured on the season 10 premiere of Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta, which airs June 9th on TLC.

“Y’all need to see which beautiful dress I chose,” Sherien teased on Instagram. “I know my baby @apollonida03 is going to love it, will you? #cantwait #love #wedding #positivevibes #livingmybestlife #tlc #sayyestothedress#atlanta.” Well, I guess Apollo will have to watch from the prison common area – although it’s bad luck to see the bride in her dress before the big day!

Way back in November Apollo shared a photo of Sherien filming an interview in front a green screen. Many assumed it was something for RHOA, but now it seems this was actually a spot for Say Yes To The Dress – especially because Phaedra had already been fired and there would be no reason for Sherien to appear in subsequent seasons of Real Housewives.

You can catch a preview of the new season below! But seriously – how desperate were they that had to cast Sherien, who doesn’t even live in Atlanta, but Pennsylvania so she’s closer to where Apollo is locked up?!

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