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Spencer Pratt And Jay Versace Get Naked To Get Healed

1 year ago Scarlett Newton
Once the reigning bad boy of reality TV, Spencer Pratt is now a beacon of kindness and the social media king of spirituality and healing. So far, the bulk of his "cleansing" has been through crystals and hanging with hummingbirds in his backyard. In the new series Spencer Pratt Will Heal You, Spe..

Kendall Jenner Is The Only Kardashian Who Is Not Gross

1 year ago Talia Irvine
You know, I’ve done a lot of thinking about Kendall Jenner lately. And once I got kicked out of the Starbucks bathroom I’d locked myself in to “think”, it finally hit me: I guess maybe it’s not Kendall’s fault that she got born into that obnoxious attention wh%re family, and really, we should probab..

Bella Thorne Disappoints

1 year ago Scarlett Newton
I’m a little upset with our Bella Thorne. She went to the beach and all we got is this lousy GIF of her twirling. What kind of nonsense is this? Especially, when she’s trying to promote something. She needs to get that bikini game on point and stop wasting my time.

Mark & Cary Deuber Enjoy Jackson Hole Family Vacation – Photos

1 year ago Lily Garner
Hopefully the Real Housewives of Dallas cast members are currently filming (or prepping to film) Season 3 of the show. So maybe Cary Deuber, her husband Mark Deuber, and their kids are getting ready for another season of the show by relaxing with the family during a spring break vacation at Jackson ..